Why Do My Headphones Keep Disconnecting? (Let's Resolve The Issues) (2024)

The most widely used devices in the world are those for listening to music, and Bluetooth connection technology is unquestionably one of the best technologies you can find on them.

The ubiquitous earphones that we use practically day-to-day are one of the many phones, computers, laptops, and other devices thatutilize this communication technology.

However, this does not imply that earbud connections are limited to Bluetooth because, as you are probably aware, some of them can be fully wired.

Anyway, wiring and technology aren’t perfect, and there can be some problems that aggravate many of you and make you stop using your equipment. Since I already suggested earbuds, I’d like to make one more point.

Although the majority of modern Bluetooth headphones demand an incredibly solid connection and are fantastic equipment, there are still certain problems and reasons why they could disconnect from the devices you intend to use.

Learn why your Bluetooth headphone keeps disconnecting from the device you are using in this article, which is about earbud disconnections in general!

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Reasons Why Your Headphones Keep Disconnecting?

I want to start by outlining some of the most frequent causes of Bluetooth headset disconnections for you guys. They go like this:

1. Interference

The fact that wired headphones do not separate from the head is one obvious advantage over Bluetooth headphones.

The audio stream is relayed without any loss or stoppage thanks to the linked headphones.The signal in wired headphones travels over a wire, which accounts for its dependability. As a result, the headphones are not interfered with.

Conversely, Bluetooth headphones use radio waves that are transmitted across the air to transport audio signals. The benefit of this method is that it does not require a physical connection or ugly cords to connect your headphones to your device.

One issue, though, is that radio noise and interference can make Bluetooth headphones stop working.

2. Battery Percentage

The low battery in your Bluetooth headset is the easiest and most frequent cause of your earbuds becoming disconnected from your devices.

The connectors don’t work as they should when there is a low battery on them. Additionally, the power-saving mode contributes to this.

Before attempting to pair your Bluetooth headphones with your Bluetooth device, make sure they are fully charged. To connect them, the battery must be at least 15 percent full.

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3. Compatibility

Your Bluetooth headset may also keep disconnecting for a variety of reasons. Not all Bluetooth devices and phones are compatible with all Bluetooth headphones.

These Bluetooth headsets thus regularly disconnect or lose connections due to incompatibility.

4. Range

Bluetooth headphones’ range is still constrained even if they transmit signals through the air.

The connection becomes weaker the more away your Bluetooth headset is from your phone. It will ultimately disconnect if you are far enough away from the Bluetooth device.

This is because radio waves that are used to link your Bluetooth headphones to your device are unable to travel great distances.The majority of Bluetooth devices have a 30-foot maximum range. You should therefore keep your Bluetooth headset and phone no more than 30 feet apart.

5. Too Many Background Apps

On our phones, we regularly leave dozens of programs running in the background. These apps not only make your phone slower, but they also affect Bluetooth headphones and other attached devices.

Bluetooth headphones get confused if there are too many open programs in the background. They consequently obstruct the Bluetooth headphone’s ability to connect to the phone.

This will cause you to finally lose the connection between your phone and the headset.Thankfully, this is a straightforward problem to fix; just keep your programs organized and your background clear!

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6. Pairing Mode

Your previous use of Bluetooth devices is somehow connected to the pairing mode.

The reason your Bluetooth headset may completely disconnect when attempting to pair it with another Bluetooth device is that the earbuds have already been used with another Bluetooth device and are prioritizing that device.

You must completely disconnect them from the previously used device to use them and keep the Bluetooth headset connected.This will “make room” for the new device. Make sure to carry out this action via Bluetooth settings.

7. Duplicate Contacts

On many of our phones, we have multiple contact lists. When syncing accounts or transferring phones, duplicate contacts are created and are frequently secure.

Bluetooth connections, however, may suffer if you have duplicate contacts on your phone.When utilizing a Bluetooth headset, have you ever picked up a call only to have it disconnected? The most likely culprit of this situation is duplicate contacts on your phone.

Your Bluetooth headset could get confused if there are several contacts with the same name or phone number.This is a result of the Bluetooth headset’s inability to ascertain which contact the call is associated with.

You should go through your contacts and delete any duplicates, even if the process can take some time. By doing so, you will have decreased the possibility of a call disconnecting.

How to Fix Headphones That Keep Disconnecting?

Here’s how you can fix your disconnecting headphones:

DistanceMaking sure your Bluetooth headphones and phone aren’t too far away should be your priority. Although Bluetooth devices can communicate with each other up to 30 feet apart, you shouldn’t use them more than 3 to 4 feet apart. Furthermore, your headphones’ inline remote is always where the primary Bluetooth antenna is located. In light of this, if your inline remote is on the right, keep your phone in your right hand or pocket. On the other hand, if the inline remote is on the left, place your device there instead.
RestartingConsider restarting your devices if you still experience issues after making these settings. First, disconnect your Bluetooth headphone. Once it has turned on, attempt pairing it to your phone or device once more. Frequently, this is sufficient to solve the issue. Try reconnecting after restarting your phone and the Bluetooth headset if the issue persists.
Interference ReductionAs mentioned earlier, Bluetooth signals travel over the air. They can therefore be influenced, making them vulnerable. Common sources of interference include WiFi routers. The radio waves that WiFi routers emit are similar to those that Bluetooth devices emit. You might thus want to try turning off your WiFi router or moving away from it. By placing your Bluetooth headset further away from the wifi router, you can lessen interference. Additionally, Bluetooth headsets and phones may experience issues when using USB 3.0 ports. If your laptop or desktop computer has a USB 3.0 connector, you should use your Bluetooth Apple device away from the computer.


  • Do you frequently leave applications running in the background? Or has your firmware update been a long time coming?
  • Once you determine the cause of your Bluetooth’s recurrent disconnections, you may put the proper corrective measures into place for the current circ*mstance. Whether the solution is as straightforward as restarting your Bluetooth device or as complex as removing duplicate contacts, your Bluetooth device will soon be in working order.
  • Even though your Bluetooth occasionally disconnects, it is still a fantastic technology. Wireless Bluetooth headphones are becoming increasingly popular, so it makes sense to invest in this technology. After all, the issue of tangled headphones and connections is completely solved by Bluetooth.

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Why Do My Headphones Keep Disconnecting? (Let's Resolve The Issues) (2024)
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