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If you have been asking, “Why do my headphones keep disconnecting?” or “Why is my headset connection such a frustrating issue?” but are unable to find a practical guide to tackle all your woes, you are in the right place.

This is because I have personally faced incompatibility issues but eventually figured out seven effective hacks to say goodbye to this age-old problem once and for all.

Let’s get started straight away then:

🤖Why Do My Bluetooth Headphones Keep Disconnecting: Comparing Different Issues

Compatibility Interference LowBattery Range ExcessiveApps inBackground ContactDuplicatesOldBluetoothHeadset
HowCommon Is The Issue4/53/52/53/53/52/54/5
EaseLevel InSolvingIssue3/54/55/55/55/53/52/5
TimeRequiredIn Fixing IssueDepends on timerequired for updates Dependsonavailable resourcesUpto 30 minutes 2minutes1 minuteUpto 30-50 minutesDependson financialsituation
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Table Of Contents

  • 🤖Why Do My Bluetooth Headphones Keep Disconnecting: Comparing Different Issues
  • 🤔Why Do My Headphones Keep Disconnecting:Top 7 Reasons In Detail With Practical Troubleshoot
  • 🙄What To Do If None Of The Above Methods Work?
  • 🧐Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

🤔Why Do My Headphones Keep Disconnecting:
Top 7 Reasons In Detail With Practical Troubleshoot

Why Do My Headphones Keep Disconnecting: 7 Solutions [2023] - Sound & Solitude (1)

You have already got a sneak peek of my list of practical hacks to deal with this frustrating problem. Just think about it. You purchased your Bluetooth headset to listen to songs in peace and play video games, but your new purchase simply refuses to connect with your existing devices.

When I faced this issue with my headphone for the first time, I was literally requesting my device: “Please connect to my gaming PC, you can’t stay in isolation like that!”.

Anyway, here are the detailed troubleshooting tips I promised you (which I learned the hard way!):

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🤚1. There Are Several Background Apps Open:

The current decade is the age of multitasking. We tend to open many apps in the background at the same time, whether we are using them or not. Not only does it reduce the battery life of the phone, but it is one of the biggest reasons behind your Bluetooth device disconnecting.

The software of your headset and connected devices gets disrupted, which:

  • Prevents pairing
  • Disrupts pairing due to loss of connection.

Solution: Limit multitasking to keep your app usage systematic. The phone’s software will thank you for this!

🤝2.Wireless Headphones Keep Disconnecting? Compatibility Issues

The most common cause of pairing problems is when two devices use different Bluetooth versions. This happens when one of your devices uses an older version of Bluetooth. There are several cases when devices with outdated Bluetooth can interact with newer electronic devices and mobile devices.

Still, they do not always get along, resulting in difficulties such as sudden disconnection. Furthermore, this results in your Bluetooth headphones disconnecting from your cell phone/laptop. Sometimes, there may be a problem with the fact that the two gadgets do not connect at all.

Solution: Make sure you have the latest, updated versions of the necessary software. Ensuring that your phone, laptop, et cetera, are up to date helps solve this issue.

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🤼‍♂️3.Constraints on Brands

Why Do My Headphones Keep Disconnecting: 7 Solutions [2023] - Sound & Solitude (2)

This rationale is comparable to the issue of incompatibilities, but it is more detailed. Some gadgets may be better paired with wireless headphones from the same manufacturer. Some gadgets may only work with their own items in rare situations.

Solution: If this is an issue for you, you may not have any other choice except to get wireless headphones from the same manufacturer as your device. Even if your off-brand headset manufacturer provides reliable but poor connectivity, it is a smart option to remain with the headset specifications of your gadget.

🤷‍♂️4. Duplicate Contacts

When we switch from an old phone or laptop to a new one, the device itself tends duplicate contacts that may get added to our new device.

So, what’s the big deal about it? Well, this seemingly harmless thing can ruin or disrupt the connection between your gadget and Bluetooth device, thanks to the confusion it creates inside your Bluetooth headset.

Let me explain: Your headset cannot make sense of which duplicate contact is associated with the incoming phone calls on your phone since there is more than one contact with the exact same details.

Solution: Go through your contact list (even if you have a big one) and remove duplicate contacts once and for all. There is no other alternative; you have to do this manually. Tell me in the comments below if you know about a more efficient process.

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📴5. Device May Not Be in Pairing Mode

Why Do My Headphones Keep Disconnecting: 7 Solutions [2023] - Sound & Solitude (3)

This has happened to me quite a lot. In order to increase brightness, I accidentally enable the “no pairing” mode. This one switch can instantly disable your pairing with the Bluetooth headset.

Solution: Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on because your device may not always connect automatically. Also, make sure you do not have any of the issues stated above that can prevent your device from remaining in pairing mode.

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🤏6. Limited Range

It’s not you; it’s hard to think (even for geeks like me!) to understand how wireless technologies work. We assume that Bluetooth connectivity can pair any device around the world and even beyond (don’t forget the aliens), but the reality is a bit different.

The Truth Is

The maximum range of Bluetooth connectivity is 30 feet. But even this “30 feet range” fact is half-true. As you move your laptop/phone farther from your Bluetooth device, your BT connection becomes weak. To ensure a stable connection, you have to maintain an adequate range.

Solution: Keep your headsets and phone/laptop as close as you can to enjoy an uninterrupted connection.


Interference refers to the disruption in the connection between Bluetooth devices and phones/laptops. The disruption can be in the form of headphones disconnecting, the music stopping in between, or buffering music. This occurs when your Bluetooth device is out-of-date or if the range between your gadget and your Bluetooth headset is too high.

Solution – Solving the problem of interference is not too complicated. You can start by restarting your primary phone/laptop and do the same with your Bluetooth device in order to improve sound quality and resolve connectivity issues.

If this does not work, you can opt for a firmware update on either device. An obvious solution is also to stay within the suggested range to ensure a smooth connection.

Some even try turning their phone on airplane mode, airplane and power-saving modes, or automatic power save mode in order to restart it.

🙄What To Do If None Of The Above Methods Work?

Why Do My Headphones Keep Disconnecting: 7 Solutions [2023] - Sound & Solitude (4)

By following the steps mentioned above, you can ensure that the Bluetooth connection between your headphones and your device is less susceptible to interference. A better connection between your Bluetooth headphones and your phone will result in less interruption. As an outcome of this, your devices may be less prone to disconnect.

Even though it is improbable that your Bluetooth headphone will continue to have problems after using all the options listed above, there is one more technique you may try: firmware updates.

Firmware is a type of software that controls the processes of Bluetooth. It gets the name firmware as it functions as a device’s hardware and software link. This is also why it is also known as, or commonly referred to as, a device’s “driver.”

Take, for instance, when you are playing “Someone Like You” on your music app’s audio source to soothe your heart after your breakup from Spotify on your phone/laptop, audio signals are converted into radio waves and transferred to your headset via Bluetooth. This software acts as a link that helps share audio signals with your headset from headsets to phones or laptops.

Why Do My Headphones Keep Disconnecting: 7 Solutions [2023] - Sound & Solitude (5)

If this function is not being performed smoothly, resulting in a stable connection, it is an indication that the software requires an update.

It is possible that the software could be corrupted or needs bug fixes to be performed on it for Bluetooth connection to happen effortlessly. Upgrades fix errors and bugs, improving the software’s quality and hence eliminating the common pairing issue people face.

The one problem here is that not all software updates occur automatically, which means that users like you and I have to take charge and update the software periodically.

Out-of-date and damaged software causes malfunctioning in your Bluetooth headphones. This, in turn, complicates the process of your Bluetooth headset and device pairing.

As long as you make sure that your software is up to date and in order, the sound settings, sound quality, connectivity issues, battery status, and all annoying issues should be fine!

Although, there is a different set of instructions to follow in the procedure of updating software as it differs from device to device. This makes it essential to have all-rounded information about your devices in order to maintain their functionality.


Here ends my practical troubleshooting on headphones: keep disconnecting. It is a very common issue, frequently discussed in public forums like Quora, and is answered by multiple companies like Microsoft and Apple.

But I tried to solve your crisis in the simplest way possible, bringing all the relevant facts in one place.

Still, have questions? I am listing some common FAQ questions. If you still have doubts or want to suggest a better solution, type in a comment below, and I’ll make sure to reply as fast as I can. Cheers!

🧐Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What to do if my Bluetooth headphones keep disconnecting from my phone?

A. The very first step in resolving the issue is identifying the root cause of it. The first thing you should do is make sure your Bluetooth device is fully charged. When Bluetooth headsets run out of charge, they tend to disconnect.

You could perhaps see whether the gadget that is being paired with has too many apps running in the background. Certain applications interfere with the connectivity, causing the Bluetooth headphones to disconnect.

Q. Why do my wired headphones keep disconnecting from my PC?

A. The trouble with your USB headphones unplugging is due to a software issue, which can be resolved by manually fixing the ports. It could also be the outcome of a software upgrade that causes driver incompatibilities, requiring you to update your USB headphones software.

Q. What to do if my Bluetooth headphones keep disconnecting from my laptop?

A. There is a list of steps to follow if your Bluetooth headphones keep disconnecting from your laptop:
1) Alter the Bluetooth settings.
2) Bluetooth Software Update/Reinstallation
3) Operate the Bluetooth Troubleshooter.
4) The Bluetooth service should be restarted.

Q. Why does my iPhone keep disconnecting from my headphones?

A. The more isolated they become, the worse the connectivity between the Bluetooth device and your phone becomes. There is a certain distance to which you can move away from your Bluetooth device, after which it will most certainly get disconnected.

This occurs because the electromagnetic signals that connect your Bluetooth headsets to your device are not capable of traveling long distances.

Q. Why do my headphones keep glitching?

A.This commonly occurs when the inside of the product’s auxiliary port becomes dusty and corroded, lowering the sound experience of your headsets. To resolve the issue, disinfect the auxiliary input till the dust is removed and the raspy static sound is no longer audible.

Why Do My Headphones Keep Disconnecting: 7 Solutions [2023] - Sound & Solitude (2024)
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