6 Reasons Your Earbuds Keep Disconnecting & How To Fix (2024)

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6 Reasons Your Earbuds Keep Disconnecting & How To Fix (1)

Devices that are used to listen to music are the most commonly used devices all around the world, and Bluetooth connection technology is definitely one of the greatest technologies that any of you guys can find on them. There is a massive number of phones, PCs, laptops, and many others that work through this connectivity technology, and one of them is the beloved earbuds that we use almost every day! Still, it doesn’t mean that Bluetooth connection is the only way of connecting earbuds because as you may know, some of them can get connected fully wired.

Anyways, technologies and wires aren’t perfect, and there may be some issues that may cause anger to many of you guys, and will probably make you not use your devices anymore. Since I mentioned earbuds above, I would like to add something. We know that Bluetooth headphones are great devices and most modern ones require to have an impressively stable connection, but still, there are some issues and some causes that can make them disconnect from devices that you have in mind using.

The topic of today’s article is the disconnection of earbuds in general, and you will find out why your Bluetooth headphone keeps disconnecting from the device that you are using, and of course, I will mention to you the ways how to fix that.

Without further ado, let us take a look at the factors that make your earbuds disconnect from your devices!

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Reasons That Make Earbuds Disconnect

6 Reasons Your Earbuds Keep Disconnecting & How To Fix (2)

I would like to start immediately tell you guys some of the most common reasons that may make your Bluetooth headsets disconnect. They go as follows:

1. Battery Percentage

The simplest and the most common reason that your earbuds disconnect from your devices is the low battery in your Bluetooth headset. Whenever there is a low battery on them, the connections don’t really function properly as they should. There is also the power-saving mode that plays a role in this.

How to Fix It?
Make sure that you have your Bluetooth headphones charged before trying to connect them to your Bluetooth device. A battery percentage above 15 will be sufficient to get them connected.

2. Compatibility

The other reason that may cause disconnectivity on your Bluetooth headsets is the compatibility with the Bluetooth device that you will use. As a simpler example, I would like to mention phones in general, as they are the most commonly used ones.

How to Fix It?
The best way to fix the compatibility or the Bluetooth capabilities issues should be done before you guys purchase any type of wireless headset. Considering the fact that we use the other devices already (phones, laptops, etc.) when you choose the Bluetooth headphone that you are about to purchase, consider taking a deeper look at the compatibility part.

3. Distance

When I say distance I mean the distance that is set between the earbuds and the device that you are using in order to connect them with one another, you may know that many Bluetooth headphones come with a range of 30-50ft, and once you move further, the connectivity will be completely destroyed.

How to Fix It?
Make sure that you don’t move too much! Even if you do, there are walls that may cause this issue. However, the best thing to do, especially if you are using a smartphone is to have it with you in your pocket, or just by putting it on the table next to you.

4. Pairing Mode

The pairing mode is somehow related to the Bluetooth devices that you have used previously. When trying to connect your Bluetooth headset with other Bluetooth devices, there may be a complete disconnectivity, and that can happen because the earbuds have been used with other old Bluetooth devices the last time and they keep that device as a priority.

How to Fix It?
In order to use them and keep the Bluetooth headset connected, you should completely disconnect them from the previously used device, so that you can “make room” for the new one. Make sure you do this through the Bluetooth settings.

5. Background Applications

I am yet again talking while having phones in mind mostly, and considering the fact that we leave our phones with background apps fully opened, the disconnection can easily happen when trying to connect the earbuds.

How to Fix It?
Clean the sheet of the background used apps and try to connect the earbuds once more. You will notice that there will be different connectivity and not a connectivity issue.

6. Interference

With interference is meant the obstacle that may be caused by other devices that you have nearby. If you guys notice that the earbuds cannot get connected properly it is because of the electromagnetic waveforms that come from the other devices such as PCs, laptops, and speakers of any kind, that you may be using in that room.

How to Fix It?
A solution for this issue would be to simply get away from the other things or the devices that produce electromagnetic interference of any kind, one of the main interferences would be the wifi router.

What Else?

6 Reasons Your Earbuds Keep Disconnecting & How To Fix (3)

The six reasons that I mentioned above aren’t the only ones that cause disconnectivity on your earbuds, but still, if we think about the most common ones, then yes! Those that I mentioned are the “problematic guys”.

Still, if the ways on how to fix them don’t work for you guys, then the best thing to do will definitely be to restart the devices and the earbuds and in case you notice that the connection isn’t likely to happen, the time has come to change the earbuds that you were trying to use. I really hate to say that you need to buy a new pair of earbuds, but before angering yourself, even more, that would definitely be the best thing to do!

Final Words

Coming here at the end, I only hope that this article will help you find out the main factors on why earbuds get disconnected, and of course the solutions and the ways how to fix that disconnectivity.

I hate disconnectivity just like you but still knowing some things, like the ones mentioned above, you can make your job easier before coming to the part on which you have to completely replace them and buy new ones!

Have fun!

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6 Reasons Your Earbuds Keep Disconnecting & How To Fix (4)

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6 Reasons Your Earbuds Keep Disconnecting & How To Fix (2024)
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