Pool Supply World vs Doheny vs Pool Products 4 Less: Pool Supply Sites Compared (2024)

Pool Supply World

Pool Supply World sells high quality pool and spa supplies. To make sure their customers get the best products for your needs, they test as many products as possible and use customer feedback so that they can better serve their customers. Their goal is to provide the highest quality products and the best customer service. They have warehouses throughout the United States to ensure you get your products quickly.

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Pool Supply World Products

Pool Supply World sells everything you would need for your pool and your spa. Their online store makes it easy to browse and to find exactly what you need. Their main categories are:

  • Chemicals: Chemical kits, balancers, chlorine, algaecide, water testing and natural chemistry.
  • Equipment: Automatic controls, filters, cleaners, heaters, motors, pumps and valves.
  • Covers: Winter covers, safety covers, liquid solar, reels and accessories, water tubes and weights and solar covers.
  • Spa Supplies: Heaters, covers, chemicals, lights, parts, pumps and portable spas.
  • Lights: Landscape and water lights, in ground, above ground and floating lights.
  • Parts and Hardware: Cleaner parts, heater parts, spa parts and parts for pumps, valves and much more.
  • Above Ground: Pools, liners, skimmers, ladders, cleaners and toys and games.

Pool Supply World sells hundreds of name brand pool supplies and spa supplies including:

  • Jandy
  • Polaris
  • Pentair
  • Hayward
  • Aquabot
  • Nature 2

Pool Supply World Features

Pool Supply World always has some type of seasonal sale and coupons listed on their website. They offer the following for customers:

  • Pool Supply World offers free ground shipping on orders of $100 in the continental United States.
  • They offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you have a problem with any product after 30 days, they will work with the manufacturer to get the problem solved.
  • In addition to the usual credit cards and debit cards, Pool Supply World will also accept PayPal for payment.


Doheny is a family owned company that has been in business since 1967. Customers can save up to 50% shopping at Doheny for all of your pool supplies. In addition to their great online store and free shipping, they also have their retail store located in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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Doheny Products

Doheny’s features many great sales and discounts on their website for all pool supplies. You can easily find what you are looking for with their main categories. You can buy pool supplies for above ground pools and inground pools. Their products include the following:

  • Chemicals: Start-up kits, chlorine and bromine, swimming pool shock, pool stain removers, water testers and winter closing kits.
  • Equipment: Heaters, pumps, salt generators, chlorine feeders, and filters.
  • Cleaners: Robotic cleaners, suctions cleaners, pressure cleaners and pool vacuums.
  • Solar products like solar covers and solar heaters and collectors.
  • Liners for all types of pools.
  • Covers include winter covers, above ground leaf nets, safety covers, custom covers and many more pool covers.
  • Pools: Doheny also sells above ground and inground pools.
  • Accessories including toys for the pool, floats, ladders, fencing, slides and much more.

Doheny sells all major name brand pool accessories like Doheny’s, Hayward, Aquabot, Pentair, Polaris, Jandy, Little Giant and many more brands.

Doheny Features

  • They are a PayPal verified company.
  • Doheny is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
  • Their website has a large help center with great articles like How to Clean Your Pool, How to Maintain Your Pool and How to Close Your Pool.
  • A lowest price guarantee.

Even though Doheny’s website states that shipping is free, and it is free, they do charge a handling fee. Their current handling fee is as follows:

  • A handling fee of $8.99 for orders under $25.00.
  • A fee of $9.99 for orders between $25 and $100
  • The handling fee for orders over $100 is $10.99.

Pool Products 4 Less

Pool Products 4 Less is a small family owned company and has been in business for 27 years and provides great customer service, brand name pool supplies and unique advantages over the local big box retail pool supply stores.

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Pool Products 4 Less Products

Pool Products 4 Less carries products for the home, pools and spas. You can easily find the products you are looking for by browsing through the following categories:

  • Swimming Pools: Chemicals, accessories, pool covers, filters, fittings, lights, liners, skimmers and pools.
  • Hot Tubs and Spas: Hot tubs, chemicals for hot tubs, lights, ozonators, spa heaters and elements, spa circuit boards and more.
  • Parts include all types of parts for your pool, spa and hot tub.

Pool Products 4 Less also carries all name brand pool and spa product including Zodiac, Polaris, PoolMaster, Natural Chemistry, INTEX, Pentair, Jandy and Hayward.

Pool Products 4 Less Features

Pool Products 4 Less also has a great help section on their website that includes the following helpful sections:

  • Find Your Filter
  • Pool Calculator
  • Pool Resource Center
  • Pool Supplies References

In addition to their helpful sections, they also offer customer the following:

  • Pool Products 4 Less will accept all major debit and credit cards plus they accept PayPal for payment.
  • Free shipping on a variety of products to the continental United States.
  • They offer a 30-ay money back guarantee.

Pool Products 4 Less Coupons

  • Free shipping on all orders $100 or more at Pool Products 4 Less

Pool Supply Sites Conclusion

All three pool supply sites carry everything you will need for your pool. Pool Supply World also sells products for spas as well as pools and they test many of the products they sell so that their customers get the highest quality product. Doheny carries a large selection of name brand pool products and they also have a low price guarantee. Pool Products 4 Less not only carries products for your pool and spa, but also a large selection of products for your hot tub.

Pool Supply World offers free shipping with orders over $100 and Pool Products 4 Less has free shipping on a variety of their products. Doheny has a low price guarantee, which means they will match any valid lower price you find on pool and spa products.

Pool Supply World vs Doheny vs Pool Products 4 Less: Pool Supply Sites Compared (2024)
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