Bloons TD 6 - Best Crosspath For Every Tier 5 Tower (2024)

Bloons TD 6 - Best Crosspath For Every Tier 5 Tower (1)

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This is a guide explaining what cross path is best for every tier 5 tower in Bloons TD 6.

Primary Monkeys

Ultra-Juggernaut: The crosspath depends if you want speed or range+camo. 5-0-2 is better most of the time for more precise targetting.

PMFC: Crosspath only influences the triple darts, so it’s up to you to choose between pierce or range+camo.

Master Crossbow: Speed (0-2-5) is always better, given that +3 pierce changes almost nothing at that point.

Glaive Lord: 5-0-2 is better for double glaive damage and increasing range of circling glaives.

Perma Charge: 2-5-0 is better, because 4 pierce isn’t enough for this tower to really be effective. Also glaives go even faster.

MOAB domination: Crosspaths only buff main attack, so again, it’s up to you to decide between pierce and attack speed.

Bloon Crush: Speed is always better, go for 5-2-0.

MOAB eliminator: Usually, you’ll want more range, so it’s 0-5-2.

Bomb blitz: 0-2-5 is more effective since it buffs the pierce by getting the 5th tier

Inferno ring: Middle path gives more range, bottom path gives more pierce, so you decide.

Super Maelstorm: Always go for speed. 2-3-0 is one of the best early game towers.

Tack Zone: Same, go for speed, you won’t need more range.

Super Brittle: This is a tough one, because you’re going to need both speed AND range (and Re-freeze), so I’d suggest just choosing one and buffing your ice tower with something else (alchemist, village…).

Absolute Zero: You’ll need range for arctic wind to be really effective, so use 0-5-2.

Icicle Impale: If you encounter DDTs with this, which is most likely, you can use 2-0-5, but the best thing to do is couple a 0-2-5 with an MIB village, for attack speed. Otherwise, just go 0-2-5.
Bloon solver: You already have enough pierce, so just use 5-0-2.

Glue Storm: you need 1-5-0 to hit MOABS

Super Glue: This time you’ll need pierce, so 0-2-5 is better.

Military Monkeys

Cripple MOAB: Always go for 5-0-2, you’ll need attack speed. (keep in mind that 4-2-0 is better though)

Elite Sniper: 0-5-2 is always better with a Stronger Stimulant Alchemist buff

Elite Defender: Always go for 2-0-5, you’ll need damage.

Energizer: Don’t crosspath. 4-2-0 is better mid game for massive rushes, but 5-2-0 is useless.

Pre-emptive Strike/Sub Commander: For both of them, you’ll want to use advanced intel in most situations, except some rare occasions, for example if subs are your only towers.

Carrier Flagship: The grapes still shoot normally, so it’s up to you to decide if you want that or camo detection.

Pirate Lord: Usually, you won’t need crosspaths, except maybe 0-5-2 for DDTs.

Trade Empire: Again, crosspaths not needed, except maybe 0-2-5 for additional defense.

Sky Shredder: Go for 5-0-2, 5-0-0 has built in camo

Tsar Bomba: Rapid fire (1-x-x) greatly buffs x-3-x bombs, so always go top path.

Flying Fortress: Always go 2-0-5, except if you need camo detection. But you should still try to get rid of camo another way, or just using a village.

Apache Prime: 5-0-2 works the best, unless if you absolutely need camo detection.

Special poperations: 0-5-1 buffs marine by 20%, so it’s a must-go.

Comanche Commander: Always go top path. Even if you don’t use pursuit, quad darts is always useful.

The Biggest One/Blooncineration: Always middle path, speed is essential for a mortar.

Pop and Awe: 2-5-0 works usually better.

Ray of Doom: 5-2-0 increases hit rate.

M.A.D: 2-5-0 is better in most situations due to ability and attack bloom being reduced

Bloon Exclusion Zone: 0-2-5 is better.

Magic Monkeys

Archmage: Unless you need Wall of Fire for some reason, 5-0-2 is the way to go (Pierce + Camo).

Wizard Lord Phoenix: Again, giv’em camo !

Prince of Darkness: WoF is better for lower tiers, but 5-0-2 is better later rounds.

True Sun God: Go for 5-2-0, and give him camo detection with a village.

Anti-Bloon/Legend of the Night: ALWAYS go Plasma (top path). Always.

Grandmaster Ninja: Distraction and Counter-Espionage are useful, but Seeking Shurikens are necessary. Caltrops are very good too, don’t underestimate them.

Grand Saboteur: No crosspath needed.

Master Bomber: 1-0-5 makes him attack faster.

Permanent Brew: 5-0-1 is better, and 4-0-1 is better for multiple towers, but if alchemist is on one tower 4-2-0 is superior.

Total Transformation: 0-5-2 is best, again, because of Acid Pools, and Faster Throwing is useful too.

Bloon Master Alchemist: 1-0-5 is better, all the various potions affect more bloons that way.

Superstorm: 5-0-2 gives more range and speed, use it whenever you can.

Spirit of the Forest: The only reason you’d ever crosspath is to give the ability more range, so use 0-5-1.

Avatar of Wrath: If you’re fighting bloons, go 2-0-5. If you’re fighting blimps, go 0-1-5.

Support Monkeys

Banana Central: 5-2-0 gives more money, don’t care about the rest.

Monkey-nomics: 2-5-0 gives more money, don’t care about the rest.

Monkey Wall Street: 0-2-5 gives more money, don’t care about the rest.

Super Mines: Always go middle path for faster mine placement

Carpet of Spikes: Bottom path makes the spikes placed last longer, which is useful for long rounds.

Perma-Spike: 0-2-5 is usually more efficient, especially when buffed by an alchemist

Primary Expertise: depends on what tower you’re buffing, but usually better to get a 5-2-0

Homeland Defense: Bigger Radius is obviously nice.

Monkeyopolis: Bigger Radius is also needed, more farms can fit within the rang

Sentry Champion/Paragon: 5-2-0 is better due to the increased MOAB damage.

Ultraboost: No crosspath necessary

XXXL Trap: 2-0-5 causes traps to be placed faster and more often, so its much better.

That's everything we are sharing today for this Bloons TD 6 guide. This guide was originally created and written by xDmochi. In case we fail to update this guide, you can find the latest update by following this link.

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Bloons TD 6 - Best Crosspath For Every Tier 5 Tower (2024)
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